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Arthur Schwarz

Arthur Schwarz is a Swiss type designer and our communications lead.
Arthur developed an interest in type design early in his design practice and began his studies in 2015 at HEAD in Geneva, where he earned a Bachelor degree with honors in 2018. His diploma project was a variable font called Bolid, created in collaboration with Maël Bächtold. He then went on to study at écal in Lausanne, graduating in 2020 with a Master in Type Design. His diploma project was a super type family of three fonts. He interned at Studio &Walsh in New York and Extraset Type Foundry in Geneva, where he developed the ES Build typeface. In between 2020 and 2022, he collaborated with Xavier Erni to design ES Dokument, a superfamily of 60 styles. He also collaborated with other designers and type foundries such as Enen Studio, Fontef, and Lo-ol Type Foundry. In 2021, he joined Production Type as a type designer and font developer. Since 2024, he is the company’s communications specialist, orchestrating the campaign initiatives and messages.

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Useful type with an edge.

Useful type with an edge.

Production Type provide retail as well as dedicated creative services in typeface design for brands.

Based in Paris and Shanghai, Production Type is a digital type design agency. Its activities span from the exclusive online distribution of its retail type for design professionals, to the creation of custom typefaces for the industrial, luxury, and media sectors.
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