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Max Esnée

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Jean-Baptiste Levée
Marion Sendral
Arthur Schwarz
Léa Bruneau
Igino Marini



Awards & distinctions

Hiii Typography Bronze Award 优异奖 2023

About this font

An in-progress polyptych
Gamuth is conceived as a multi-faceted work, of which the first panels are two optical sizes (Display, Text) of the same serif typeface. Gamuth borrows from Dutch Baroque faces and their typical breadth: narrower than usual proportions, generous x-heights, and crisp detailing are key features of the typefaces, and contribute to giving a dense, deep texture to running text.

Gamuth was initially designed to perform well for on-screen, long-form consultation. Its hybrid origins made it a work of pure syncretism: the Display cuts have a life of their own, and while they work hand in hand with the Text cuts, the rhythm of lowercase proportions dances a different ballet. Meanwhile, they sport an even crisper and sharper texture. Departing from the historical roots of the romans, the italics are normalized towards a more predictable behavior on modern displays and therefore have a constant angle. Gamuth is designed to perform graciously in demanding environments such as content-heavy websites while proving distinctive enough for branding applications where a touch of depth and substance are sought.

Gamuth’s next panel is already set to unfold as Gamuth Sans.


Static (OTF, TTF, WOFF, WOFF2)

About the designers

  • Max Esnée


    Max Esnée is a type designer and web developer who is passionate about the blend of creativity and technical skills.

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Useful type with an edge.

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