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Charly Derouault

Charly Derouault is a type and graphic designer who combines technical precision and creativity in his typographic creations.
A graduate of écal Lausanne, Énsba Lyon and Ésad Amiens, his work illustrates a harmonious blend of engineering finesse and contemporary aesthetics to create innovative typographic systems.
His solid knowledge of design theory and practice, as well as his interest in the technological, conceptual and historical facets of type design, suggest a global approach to his work. This mix of expertise and interests positions him well to contribute to innovative and informed type design.
One of his significant works includes “Europa,” a multi-script typeface inspired by the history of European Grotesques. Drawing from the legacy of Akzidenz Grotesk, Europa evolves through more subtle contrasts to offer a stable and contemporary character. This typeface was conceptualized for an utopian project: the creation of a new pan-European motorway network, agreed upon by all countries on the continent. The design of Europa's three scripts was a composite effort, with each script's design playing a crucial role in influencing the others. It is envisioned as an additional or alternative solution to European road signage, complemented by a less contrasted, more condensed, and rationalized signage system.

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Useful type with an edge.

Useful type with an edge.

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