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Sébastien Morlighem

Sébastien Morlighem is a French teacher and researcher in typography and graphic design. He has also been active in various artistic fields: painter, graphic designer, illustrator, typographer, writer, publisher and creator of a record label.
Sébastien Morlighem. Photography by Julien Lelièvre
An École Estienne graduate, and a doctoral student at the University of Reading (UK), Sébastien Morlighem is the coordinator of the EsadType Amiens post-graduate program.
He is also the organizer and scientific curator of several colloquia, study days and exhibitions (2014, “Les Didot et la typographie moderne”, Amiens; 2012, “Pierre-Simon Fournier et la typographie des Lumières”, Amiens; 2011, “Claude Garamont, créateur typographique. De la Renaissance au revival”, Amiens; 2010, “Roger Excoffon et la fonderie Olive”, Amiens; 2007, colloquium “Le livre et ses desseins”, Caen). Creator and director of the “Bibliothèque typographique” collection for Ypsilon Éditeur, he is the co-author of several books and articles on historical and contemporary typographic creation, graphic design and books. He is an international lecturer.

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Useful type with an edge.

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