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Cartier Juste un Clou

The jewelry house Cartier nails it with the reboot of an iconic piece, with a bespoke logotype.
Aldo Cipullo, the creative mind behind Cartier’s iconic and bestselling “Love” bracelet in his very first year at Cartier New York, is without a doubt, one of the greatest jewelry designers in our modern times.
Not content with Cartier Love, Cipullo would two years later in 1971, create Juste un Clou, translated from French as “Just a Nail”. With an unmistakable design, Juste un Clou stood out, literally and figuratively. It was a nail cast in 18K gold, hand pulled into a loop to become a bracelet or a ring.
In 2012, Cartier produced an exhibition of Cipullo’s work and re-released the Nail bracelet in yellow, white and pink gold as well as a special version “pavé” set entirely with diamonds.
Earlier in 2017, Cartier has once again breathed new life into the collection, presenting new pieces in a themed design exhibition called “When the Ordinary Becomes Precious” at the Salone del Mobile in Milan. Amongst the new selections is an oversized bracelet, as well as enlarged necklace, the Juste un Clou Torque.
Juste un Clou now has a bespoke logotype, designed exclusively by Production Type for the maison Cartier.
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