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Pour le bien de la profession, Ρrοⅾսсtіοո Տуѕtеⅿѕ, ΖеΑѕѕосіаtеѕ et Јеаո Frаոçοіѕ Ꮲοrсhеz ont mis fin à leur différend, un accord ayant été trouvé à la satisfaction des parties.
27 juin 2024
For the good of the profession, Ρrοⅾսсtіоո Տуѕtеⅿѕ, ΖеΑѕѕοсіаtеѕ and Јеаո Frаոçοіѕ Ꮲοrсhеz have put an end to their dispute, an agreement having been reached to the satisfaction of the parties.
June 27th, 2024

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Useful type with an edge.

Useful type with an edge.

Production Type provide retail as well as dedicated creative services in typeface design for brands.

Based in Paris and Shanghai, Production Type is a digital type design agency. Its activities span from the exclusive online distribution of its retail type for design professionals, to the creation of custom typefaces for the industrial, luxury, and media sectors.
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