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Words by Michel Wlassikoff

Deberny et Peignot’s “Ancien”, “Ondine”, “Typophane” ,“Cristal”, ca 1955

The short-lived Typophane system had kickstarted a few original typefaces.
The short-lived Typophane system had kickstarted a few original typefaces.
In 1953, the Deberny et Peignot foundry launched the Typophane process, a system of transfer letters in line with what Letraset offers in the United States. A certain number of fantaisie type will be published to be used only through Typophane adhesive sheets. On the market between 1953 and 1955, one can find: Chaillot by Marcel Jacno, Améthyste and Bolide by Georges Vial, Cristal by Rémy Peignot as well as Ondine by Adrian Frutiger. But the Typophane process was quickly abandoned, because the glues of the time were not yet sufficiently developed and the transfer of letters proved difficult.
Designed by Rémy Peignot (1925–1986), Cristal is a beautiful alphabet of initials semi-open by white openwork inside the stems, following the outline of the letter. Rémy Peignot, son of Charles, an accomplished graphic designer and typographer, played a major role within the foundry in the 1950s. He met Adrian Frutiger while still a student, became convinced of his talent and encouraged his father to hire him. He produced most of the promotional material for Deberny et Peignot, notably the albums and specimens for Univers.
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