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Words by Michel Wlassikoff

Art d’aujourd'hui: “Le graphisme et l’art”, 1952.

Art d’aujourd'hui is a magazine founded in 1947 by André Bloc (1896–1966), with the painter and sculptor Edgar Pillet as general secretary, and Pierre Faucheux (1924–1999) as artistic director. André Bloc, a supporter of modernism, had previously created Architecture d'Aujourd'hui in 1930.
Bernard Gheerbrant and Pierre Faucheux edited a special issue of the review, ”Le graphisme et l’art”, in 1952, under a cover by Pierre Faucheux citing an illustration by Fernand Léger for La fin du monde, work by Blaise Cendrars (1921). The publication highlights, in an unprecedented way in France, the role played by the avant-gardes in the founding of graphic design. There is extensive reference to the Cubists, the Futurists and Dada – works by Gino Severini, Ardengo Soffici, Tristan Tzara and Joan Miró are highlighted, as well as those of the French Félix Del Marle or Auguste Herbin. Willem Sandberg, the great Dutch graphic designer who has just been appointed director of the Stedelijk Museum, salutes the memory of the typographer HN Werkman and his magazine The Next Call.
Tribute is also paid to Olivetti advertising and the creations of Raymond Savignac. The creations of Pierre Faucheux feature prominently: Le Sang, poem by Pichette published in the magazine Neuf; contemporary journals like 491, and K, to which Faucheux contributes, as well as his work for the Club du Livre Français.
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