The Didot style: a survey of the career of Firmin Didot – Trianon type specimen


Includes “The Didot style: a survey of the career of Firmin Didot”, an essay by historian Sébastien Morlighem: a study about the achievements of Firmin Didot (1764–1836) and the peak of a persistent maturation process. Morlighem analyzes the rise of the designs of Firmin Didot, from the early prototypical shapes to the late and more elaborated shapes which won him fame.
English text. Design by Building Paris (Benoît Santiard & Guillaume Grall), photography by Hugo Deniau.
Printed in France. 4-color Process printing, saddle-stich binding, perforation, Symbol Freelife Raster 170 gsm paper + Symbol Freelife Gloss 90 gsm. Proofreading & editing by Stephen Coles, pictures Julien Lelièvre.
Includes “Cities and gaze”, a fashion portfolio by Hugo Deniau. Style: Loris Ronzeau assisted by Ayumi Takata, silkscreening Atelier PPP, hair/makeup Rimi Ura, models Paul & Gaëlle.

DIN A5 (21 × 15 cm), 36pp.
ISBN 979-10-93578-03-3 / PP0012. Published by Production Type. First edition, 2015.