Courrèges is an exclusive typeface designed for the Courrèges fashion brand.

Established in 1961, André Courrèges’ label became emblematic of its time, its famous miniskirts quickly becoming a flagship line. Over two turbulent decades, Courrèges played the role of a fashion maverick with a brand image that remained unchanged until 2015.

The Courrèges typeface is a plain, pointy sans that serves as a multipurpose companion to a new logotype by art director Jean-Baptiste Talbourdet. The type takes its cues from archetypical designs such as Futura and Erbar, emblematic of the German geometric style from the first half of the 20th century.

The single-weight typeface works across the ready-to-wear and eyewear collections, as well as the Courrèges boutique network.