Trianon debuts in Travel & Leisure


Travel & Leisure is a NYC-based travel magazine. For the Europe special issue, T&L drives a redesign where Trianon is put at extensive use. Design Director Donna Agajanian and Creative Director Gretchen Smelter flexed the full Trianon system in many different voices, from quiet article opening pages to more loud section markers. The bolder weights of Trianon Display feel very comfortable in single, punchy headlines, while the more delicate Grande styles perform just fine.
We designed Trianon especially with such editorial systems in mind: combining styles, coverlines, subheads and signatures, all with appropriate optical sizes. Many of the alternates bejewel the magazine’s content and give the final touch of flair & elegance.

Travel & Leisure also plays up the Normande series, an ultra-fat style of Trianon that is not part of the Trianon initial release.