Jean-Baptiste Levée appointed advisory design expert by France’s National Investment Bank (BPI)


Paris, March 10th. By supporting innovation, Bpifrance is creating an “Aid in design diagnosis” in order to accelerate the spread of design in businesses. Jean-Baptiste Levée is joining this new network of advisory design experts in the National investment bank.

Design constitutes a major leverage for competitiveness in businesses, still under-exploited in France. By bringing it at the heart of their strategy, companies may nevertheless improve significantly their results and their overall performance. Bpifrance has thus established a network of a hundred advisory design experts, selected by a jury of qualified personalities, in order to strengthen its assistance programme for SMEs and intermediate-sized enterprises (ETI).

The role of the designers selected by Bpifrance is twofold: advising the project managers of Bpifrance on a case, and encouraging business leaders to use design by developing an approach focused on user requirements. To benefit from this offering, entrepreneurs have to refer to the regional offices of Bpifrance. 

Through years of consulting experience for a broad spectrum of businesses, and thanks to his expertise in type design, Jean-Baptiste Levée is integrating the network as a typographic consultant.
“I want to help innovative businesses to define a singular voice, both for their textual expression and for the visual form of their language, thus contributing to reinforce their brand assets. Furthermore, I want to assist them in anticipating and integrating the future developments of digital text and its design, in the fields of display, dissemination, storage and regulation” Jean-Baptiste Levée says.

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