Mersenne Twister, a 623-Dimensionally

Equidistributed Uniform Pseudo-Random Number Generator.

A new algorithm called Mersenne Twister MT is proposed for generating uniform pseudorandom numbers. For a particular choice of parameters, the algorithm provides a super astronomical

period and 623-dimensional equidistribution up to 32-bit accuracy, while using a working area of only 624 words. This is a new variant of the previously proposed generators, TGFSR, modified so as to admit a Mersenne-prime period. The characteristic polynomial has many terms. The distribution up to v bits accuracy for 132 is also shown to be good. An algorithm is also given that checks the primitivity of the characteristic polynomial of MT with computational complexity O p2 where p is the degree of the polynomial. We implemented this generator in portable C-code. It passed several stringent statistical tests, including diehard. Its speed is comparable to other modern generators. Its merits are due to the efficient algorithms that are unique to polynomial calculations over the two-element field. Categories and Subject Descriptors: F.2.1 Theory of Computation: Numerical Algorithms and Problems-computations in finite fields, G.2.1 Discrete Mathematics: Combinatorics- recurrences and difference equations, G.3 Probability and Statistics.

How often is monospaced type more than simply utilitarian, but also aesthetically pleasing? Gemeli Mono’s three weights and italics all share the same width, yet depart as little as possible in design from their proportional cousins. Such considerations offer an uncommon flexibility and appeal among monospaced typefaces. But even more apparent and useful is this design’s informal tone — where Courier are rigid and sterile, Gemeli Mono is amiable and human.

Design: Jean-Baptiste Levée. Team: Emmanuel Besse, Hugo Marucco

Gemeli Mono specimen

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