That Geometry, Astronomy,

Perspective, Musick, Navigation, Architecture, &c. are excellent Sciences,

all that know but their very Names will confess. Yet to what purpose would Geometry serve, were it not to contrive Rules for Handy-Works? Or how could Astronomy be known to any perfection but by Instruments made by Hand?

What Perspective should we have to delight our Sight? What Musick to ravish our Ears? What Navigation to Guard and Enrich our Country? Or what Architecture to defend us from the Inconveniencies of different Weather, without Manual Operations? Or how waste and useless would many of the Productions of this and other Counties be, were it not for Manufactures. To dive into the Original of the Mechanicks is impossible, therefore I shall not offer at it, only I shall say, it is Rational to think, that the Mechanicks began with Man, he being the only Creature that Nature has imposed most Necessity upon to use it, endow’d with greatest Reason to contrive it, and adapted with properest Members as Instruments to perform it. Nor is it easie to find by any Authority, what part of the Mechanicks was first Practised by Man, therefore I shall wave that too, and only consider, that if we our selves were the first Men, what Branch of the Mechanicks we should first Need, and have recourse to.

Gemeli’s x-height was enlarged, extenders shortened, stance widened, spacing loosened, and forms simplified. Combined with pronounced ink traps, these compensations not only help Gemeli Micro work at sizes south of 8 pt, they also make for unique headlines and word marks — Production Type’s logo is a case in point.  This variant comes in three weights with italics, along with many of the functional aspects from the base Gemeli family: alternate glyphs for ‘a’ and ‘g’, a variety of ligatures, and extensive language support.

Design: Jean-Baptiste Levée. Team: Yoann Minet.

Gemeli Micro specimen

Character set